Wednesday, June 3, 2009


1. What is your name:Wani

2. A four letter word:What?? 0_O

3. A boy's name:wan

4. A girl's name:wawa

5. An occupation:writer

6. A color:white

7. Something you'll wear:white shirt

8. A food:western

9. Something found in the bathroom:wallet [wani kuat tertinggal]

10. A place:winter place [ main taram jer~]

11. A reason for being late:watever it can matter what..haha

12. Something you'd shout:what the~

13. A movie title:with love

14. Something you drink:white milk

15. A musical group:wakenabeb [blurr..xdpt pk]

16. An animal:wongwong [bunyi katak..siyes xtau..blurr yg amat]

17. A street name:walk star [bintang walk-wani tukar]

18. A type of car:walksegan

19. Title of a song:with you

20. tag=

wawawa..xtau lah sape..

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